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The Final Seven

by Erica Spindler

Editorial Manager Thalia recommends for us this week:

It’s always fun to meet new series characters, especially if they’re as stroppy and competant as Detective Micki Dare. The New Orleans police officer is getting on with the crime-fighting job in normal manner when she is told that she’ll have a new partner. And that this partner is a recruit from the recent programme the NOPD have become involved with – the Sixers, a group of trainees who have sixth sense, psychic abilities. Micki, after being convinced this isn’t a joke, is all ‘Oh, HELL, no’ but is eventually forced to partner up with (naturally, very gorgeous) Detective Zach Harris.

Micki’s grumpiness at being forced to babysit is gradually broken down, especially when she discovers what she and Zach are up against. Do yourself a favour if you’re after a hugely entertaining crime read and get to know Micki and Zach…



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