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Agatha Raisin: Pushing up Daisies

by M. C. Beaton

This week, Aimee from marketing is recommending M.C. Beaton’s Pushing up Daisies:

Our favourite PR guru turned detective, Agatha Raisin is back with a new crime to solve!

After Lord Bellington is found dead, poisoned by antifreeze, his son engages Agatha to do a little digging around the local allotments. Lord Bellington had recently told locals he was selling the land to make way for a new housing estate, enraging the allotment locals. As part of Agatha’s investigations she meets three keen gardeners  who are lamenting about the poor state of one of the plots. As they get digging through the weeds their spade hits something hard and as they dig further they uncover the body of newcomer to the village, Peta Currie. Who would want to murder Peta? But as Agatha digs deeper she’s thrown into a world of petty feuds, jealousies and disputes over land. It would seem that far from being tiny gardens of Eden, Carsley’s allotments are local battlefields where passions – and the bodycount – run high!

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