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Friday Read

Truth or Dare

by Tania Carver

‘Our latest recommendation comes from our editorial team’s Jade Chandler: ‘Fast-paced, dramatic and downright frightening, reading a book in Tania Carver’s Brennan & Esposito series always leaves me pumped with adrenaline. So, if you want a roller-coaster crime ride, the sixth book in this series is one for you!

Truth or Dare opens with a terrifying scene. A man who has got away with a terrible crime suddenly awakes, finding himself gaffer taped to a chair, with a man wearing a black rubber gas mask pointing a crossbow right at him. Scary stuff! But it gets worse as the criminal realises that his girlfriend and child are taped to the chair next to him. It’s very simple, explains the figure. Either you die or they do. Someone has to pay for the crime that you got away with…

Truth or Dare continues with pulse-pounding drama and excitement from the first page and does not disappoint. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the thrills and spills of this scary ride!’

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