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The Loving Husband

by Christobel Kent

This Friday’s recommended read The Loving Husband comes from Katherine Armstrong, senior editor at Sphere:

The Loving Husband is the perfect read if you want to curl up with some domestic suspense over the long Bank Holiday weekend. Christobel Kent’s previous book, The Crooked House, employed the same creeping unease as the reader realises that not everything is what it seems in the life of the main protagonist.

In The Loving Husband, we meet Fran, a young mother who makes a life-changing discovery about her husband and has to question everything that she ever knew about their relationship and their life together. As Fran is coming to terms with this, it becomes obvious to the reader that Fran and her young family might be in danger.

Atmospheric, tautly plotted and beautifully claustrophobic, The Loving Husband is a mesmerising read you won’t forget.

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