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by Nic Pizzolatto

As series two of True Detective hits our TV screens, our Friday Read recommendation is for series creator Nic Pizolatto’s first novel, recommended by editor Ed Wood:

‘Nic Pizzolatto’s debut Galveston is a brilliant, brittle suspense thriller with great heart and depth. The story centres on Roy Cady, an aging criminal who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. Like Walter White in that other great modern noir Breaking Bad this causes Cady to reassess his life, and he seeks to leave behind the brutal criminality he has lived by. The gang he works for tries to wipe him out, but he escapes, also rescuing a young woman, Rocky, and along the road picking up her three-year-old sister, Tiffany. On the run towards Galveston, Texas, Cady’s whole moral compass begins to change, and we become deeply attached to these damaged individuals.

Tense, dramatic and even uplifting, Galveston is a shining triumph from the star creator of True Detective.’

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