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Believe No One

by A.D. Garrett

This week’s Friday read is from the marketing team’s Kate Doran: ‘I’ve been a huge fan of A.D. Garret ever since I read her much acclaimed debut Everyone Lies.

The author’s skill for combining police procedural with detailed forensic science is as apparent in Believe No One as in Everyone Lies – think Patricia Cornwell meets Mark Billingham. Professor Nick Fennimore returns and this time he’s dealing with a case that eerily mirrors his own family tragedy – a murdered mother and a missing child. As investigations delve deeper Nick and his team uncover a pattern – young mothers murdered in a series of attacks spanning two continents and two different decades.

The characters in A.D. Garrett’s novels are brilliantly drawn and you live and breathe the investigation as clues unravel and pages turn. If you’re looking for a book to escape with this Christmas, Believe No One is the one for you – it’s completely consuming and as fast-paced and addictive as the best TV drama.’

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