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by A.J. McCreanor

This week’s Friday Read comes recommended by our marketing team’s Kate Doran: ‘If you like police procedurals with a twist, Riven by A.J. McCreanor should be top of your list. A gripping contemporary crime debut set in Glasgow, the writing bears comparison with that of our very own Val McDermid or Alex Gray. Riven introduces two very appealing protagonists in the form of DIs Wheeler and Ross, both of whom have their own demons to fight alongside the shocking crimes that occur throughout the course book. Events take place against the backdrop of Glasgow’s gritty underbelly, which McCreanor brings to life with as much menacing character as that of the murderer him-or is it her(?!)-self. This book will keep you up until the small hours and sleeping with the lights on – I can’t recommend it highly enough!

If you enjoy Riven – and I promise you’re going to – you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve already got A. J. McCreanor’s second novel, Silenced, lined up to publish in 2015. DIs Wheeler and Ross are my new favourite detective team and I can’t wait for you to discover them too!’

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