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Friday Read

The Preacher

by Sander Jakobsen

Our latest recommendation comes from our editorial team’s Hannah Green: ‘Just when you think you’ve read every kind of thriller, one comes along to surprise you, and The Preacher does that in spades. It has a brilliantly classic set-up: a slightly eccentric, charming vicar finds his wife shot dead – an event which devastates and bemuses him. The investigation ensues, led by two wonderfully crafted investigators, but then a second woman is shot dead, and a brother is left grieving and angry.

This is where the story really takes off: the vicar and the brother make contact, forming an unlikely pair and beginning their own investigations on the side, helping and hindering the officials in equal measure, and pulling us into their painful, thrilling and at times hilarious personal stories.

Full of unforgettable characters, set in small-town Denmark, The Preacher builds to a fantastic climax that’ll have you tearing through the pages. And yes, there is a killer twist. I cannot recommend this enough!’

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