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The Crime Vault Ebook Highlights

Dead Eye

by Mark Greaney

The Crime Vault Ebook Highlights


by Mark Greaney

This week’s Friday Reads are from editor Ed Wood: ‘Mark Greaney was Tom Clancy’s co-writer and is now continuing his series after the master passed away, so it’s no surprise that he knows how to write a thrilling novel. And with his own series, beginning with The Gray Man and continuing with On Target, and now Ballistic and Dead Eye, he more than proves his chops with the incredibly fast-paced adventures of former CIA operative turned gun-for-hire Court Gentry, the eponymous Gray Man.

Like Bourne, Gentry is an outsider, and a super-tough one at that. Where Greaney excels is in playing with international politics and placing Gentry against the most impossible odds imaginable: in Ballistic, it sees him paying a debt to an old friend by taking on a Mexican drug cartel; in Dead Eye, it’s going one-on-one with a similarly efficient assassin on his trail. Greaney comes out guns blazing in both books – get hooked now before the up-and-coming film starring, intriguingly, Charlize Theron as the hero.’

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