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A Painted Smile

by Frances Fyfield

The new Frances Fyfield is out this week in PB; Literary Review said it has ‘endearing characters and fascinating arguments’:

The third in Frances Fyfield’s brilliant Diana Porteous series finds Di and her group of eccentric friends running art classes, which provides everyone with inspiration until one of the artists suddenly dies. Then Di and her new best friend Sarah Fortune (who has moved from her own world in previous Fyfield books to hang out with everyone here, and she fits right in) are drawn into a battle with a horribly progress-driven art gallery manager that escalates into theft and skulduggery.

As usual, the characters are beautifully drawn and the quirky, gorgeous writing is a delight. You have to be ready for the wild ride in a Fyfield book, but it’s worth buckling up for. And while it’s worth discovering these characters in Gold Digger and Casting the First Stone, this is still readable as a standalone.

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