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The Promise

by Alison Bruce

This week’s recommended read The Promise comes from Krystyna Green, publishing director at Constable:

‘Alison Bruce is no stranger to the legion of crime fiction fans subscribing to The Crime Vault, and The Promise is her long-awaited follow up to The BacksThe Promise is book 6 in the DCI Gary Goodhew series set in and around Cambridge which kicked off back in 2008 with the critically-acclaimed Cambridge Blue.  And Alison – and Goodhew – have just got better with every new book.

After the tragic end to a previous case, DC Gary Goodhew finds himself questioning his reasons for returning to work until the badly beaten body of a homeless man is found on Market Hill.  Having known the homeless man for several years Goodhew feels compelled to be part of the investigation – but routine lines of enquiry soon take a dark and unexpected turn…

Suddenly the Cambridge back streets hold deadly secrets for Goodhew and the only person who has the answers is planning one final, desperate act.

If you want a superior police procedural with real intelligence and intricate plotting behind the narrative, then do yourself a favour and discover Alison Bruce.  For all of you who already have – enjoy!  The Promise is her best and most ambitious to date.

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