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Back Blast

by Mark Greaney

This week editorial director, Ed Wood is recommending Back Blast:

Action, intrigue and more action meet in Mark Greaney’s fifth Gray Man thriller Back Blast. Previous books about his ex-CIA agent turned assassin hero Court Gentry have hinted at the truth behind why the order was issued to kill Gentry on sight; now we get the full main course as the Gray Man goes after those who set him up following a previous operation named Back Blast.

Half cat-and-mouse chase, half twisty mystery with superior shades of Bourne (super-tough guy goes after those that wronged him for answers), this is the moment fans have been waiting for – and because it finally faces the origin story front-on, also a decent point for new readers to start too. Greaney is at the absolutely top of his game here, making Back Blast a must read for thriller fans.

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