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Friday Read

Better Off Dead

by Tom Wood

Our latest Friday Read is coming to you a day earlier than usual to make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend! Better Off Dead is recommended by our editorial team’s Ed Wood: ‘There’s a moment in Better Off Dead when you realise that the author has a complete grasp on his central hitman character. Tasked with, for once, protection rather than contract killing, Victor is extracting information from a bad guy when Gisele, the trainee human rights lawyer he has been tasked with keeping alive, intervenes. The ensuing conversation is short, its conclusion shocking; yet by the end of the book, the reader questions whether Victor would repeat the moment’s final punctuating action.

In Better Off Dead, the thrills are all still present (and then some), but Wood has also crafted a more thoughtful backdrop that sees personal feelings enter Victor’s world of obsessive control, females characters playing key roles on both sides of the law, and the introduction of the series’ most frightening and believable villain. A complex, clever and riveting thriller.’

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