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Friday Read

The Traitor’s Mark

by D.K. Wilson

Our latest recommendation comes from our editorial team’s Iain Hunt: ‘The Traitor’s Mark is the second, brilliantly realised instalment in D.K. Wilson’s Thomas Treviot mysteries – his new series of historical thrillers inspired by real unsolved Tudor crimes. Here the true-life mystery revolves around the death in 1543 of Hans Holbein, King Henry VIII’s favourite portrait painter.

Wilson’s command of the Tudor age fairly drips from the page in this terrific mystery, set in a world riven by plague and religious strife. After failing to receive an expected commission from Holbein, London goldsmith Thomas Treviot sets out to discover what has happened to the painter, only to find that Holbein was himself embroiled somehow in the mortal fight between religious conservatives and reformers.

Wilson has great ability to create truly absorbing characters of names we may know – the likes of Archbishop Cranmer, the Duke of Norfolk, the Bishop of Winchester – and they bring this pitch-perfect Tudor mystery to dangerous, pungent life.’

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