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Friday Read

Island of Lost Girls

by Jennifer McMahon

Our latest recommendation comes from our editorial team’s Jade Chandler: ‘Rhonda Farr is on her way to a job interview when she stops at a gas station. Whilst there, she watches a gold VW Beetle pull up. Out of the car steps someone wearing a giant white rabbit outfit. This incongruous sight stops Rhonda in her tracks and before she knows what’s happened, the rabbit has approached another car, taken the hand of the little girl waiting in there for her mother and driven off with her in the Beetle.

This is the surreal start to US author Jennifer McMahon’s suspenseful and unsettling thriller. The story teases the reader as you slowly try to fit together the pieces of a clever and dark plot-puzzle that takes you back to Rhonda’s childhood. If you love thrillers with a creepy undertone that aren’t afraid to pack an emotional punch, then Island of Lost Girls is the perfect read for you.’

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