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by Tania Carver

Our new recommendation comes from our editorial team’s Jade Chandler:

‘Do you enjoy page-turning, adrenaline-pumping British crime fiction with scary serial killers and a great cast of characters? If so, then Tania Carver is the author for you! Heartbreaker is the latest in the series that stars Detective Inspector Phil Brennan and his wife, psychologist Marina Esposito. Phil is called in to investigate when a young woman is found murdered – with her heart missing from her cooling corpse. The only potential witness is the victim’s seven-year-old daughter, so Marina is also pulled in to try and unlock the traumatised child’s memories of what happened.

There follows a brilliant, high energy chase as Phil and Marina are swept up in the hunt for a cruel killer – ‘The Heartbreaker’. This is cracking British crime writing with fantastic lead characters and a compelling, and at times gruesome, case to be solved: highly recommended.’

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