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Are you hankering for a twisting tale of a family feud so intertwined it will set your head spinning? Then look no further then Roberta Kray’s brand new gangland thriller Cheated which published just yesterday.

Cheated follows the various sins of the Darby family, and closely follows the youngest daughter Carmen. Born to a life of ill-gotten privilege, Carmen has lived under the thumb of her controlling and temperamental father her whole life, leaving her sheltered and naïve. But on the day her father, Rex Darby, announces his retirement and plans to leave his empire to his three daughters, Carmen doesn’t thank her father as effusively as her two more conniving sisters, and is thrown from her family home. What follows is an intricately layered plot of deception, vengeance and greed, with Carmen caught in the centre. Rex’s life of lies and control has created a powder keg of secrets that could get him killed, and it takes just one friend or foe to toss a match. But when they do, is Carmen perfectly set up to take the fall?

This is a brilliantly paced and gripping novel that had me hooked. There’s a delicious sense of inevitability to Rex’s fate, and the colourful selection of players in the story will have you mind whirling as to who will be the one to take him down. This is Roberta at the top of her game, and you won’t want to miss it!

Ruth Jones