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The Missing Ones: An absolutely gripping thriller with a jaw-dropping twist

by Patricia Gibney

This week’s read is a debut Friday Read from Abby Parsons, Sphere/Bookouture Editor:

Today’s read is the first book to feature the brilliant Lottie Parker – detective, mother and woman on the edge. When a woman’s body is discovered in a cathedral and hours later a young man is found hanging from a tree outside his home, Lottie is called in to lead the investigation. Both bodies have the same distinctive tattoo clumsily inscribed on their legs and it’s clear the pair are connected, but how? Eventually, the trail leads Lottie to St Angela’s, a former children’s home, and when she discovers a dark connection to her own family history, the case gets personal . . .

The Missing Ones was a huge ebook bestseller and hit the Top 5 in Ireland earlier this year, with the Irish Independent calling it ‘electrifying’. With over 1 million Lottie Parker books already sold, what are you waiting for? Make sure you get your hands on this intensely gripping crime thriller when it hits shelves in paperback on 26th July!

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