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A Great Reckoning

by Louise Penny

This week’s recommendation is from Editorial Manager Thalia:

It’s not just me recommending this – Louise Penny has won so many crime-writing awards it’s hard to keep up, and this one scored the triple at Bouchercon this year. Many readers, like me, love Louise’s unusual take on a crime series: her edgy but delightful characters, her plots that seem ostensibly traditional but then veer into deeper waters and tug at your heart as the consequences unfurl.

The multi-layered Chief Inspector Gamache is at the heart of them all, and in this he is appropriately taken on as the head of the Sûreté Academy in Quebec, where a former colleague is murdered, and as usual things spiral back towards his hometown of Three Pines with the intervention of a mysterious map.

Do yourself a favour and check out the world of Armand Gamache and the Three Pines characters that swirl through it.



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