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No Man’s Land

by Neil Broadfoot

Constable’s editorial director Krystyna Green revisits Scotland for this week’s Friday Read:

No Man’s Land is the first in the white-knuckle ride Connor Fraser series, set in Stirling – the home of Bloody Scotland. A mutilated body is found dumped at Cowane’s Hospital. For DCI Malcolm Ford it’s like nothing he’s ever seen before. For reporter Donna Blake it’s a shot at the big time, a chance to get her career back on track and prove all the doubters wrong. But for close protection specialist Connor Fraser it’s merely a grisly distraction from the day job.

But then another bloodied and broken corpse is found, this time in the shadow of the Wallace Monument – and with it, a message. One Connor has received before, during his time as a police officer in Belfast.

We’ve got it all here. A muscular, square jawed protagonist, a beleaguered member of the local polis and a journo desperate to scramble over her colleagues to make her name. We have murder aplenty too – a head on a pike with a rat in its mouth (nice!), another head flung onto the roof of a car . . . and that’s just for starters.  It’s safe to say we never have a dull moment in between these pages, and mix that up with Brexit tensions, Scottish independence issues and a back history which goes back to the Troubles in Northern Ireland it’s safe to say that this is a crime read which barely allows you time to pause for breath.

No Man’s Land is box-fresh in paperback this week so if you want to catch up with Neil over the next few days you can find him helping to launch the inagural Soutar Festival of Words on April 26th, Newcastle Noir from 3rd-5th May and at Crimefest in Bristol from 9th-12th May. You can also keep up to date with him on twitter @NlBro.

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