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Echoes in Death

by J. D. Robb

Thalia recommends the latest J.D. Robb for this week’s Friday Read:

The latest paperback in the wondrous Eve Dallas series. All of these are such crazily enjoyable reads, and it’s great to catch up with Eve and the gang every time.

In this one, Dallas and her husband Roarke are returning from a party when a dazed, naked and bloody woman stumbles into the path of their car. And Eve is again in the forefront of a dramatic case of a rapist/murderer who preys on wealthy couples – and it’s sure to be someone in their glittering social circle. But no amount of prestige stops our NYPSD Lieutenant asking the hard questions – Roarke is a billionaire, after all – so we can rely on her catching the killer.

Grab this paperback for a great read or start at the beginning with the first one, Naked in Death.





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