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by B. E. Jones

This week’s Friday read comes from Hannah, Assistant Editor for Constable and Piatkus:

Set during a snow blizzard, deep in the Welsh countryside, this dark and twisty tale is the perfect thriller to escape into on a cold November evening. B. E. Jones is a truly brilliant writer, whose addictive, sinister narratives and compulsive narrators completely suck you in.

One winter’s night just before Christmas, a brutal murder takes place at a local farm – the most savage attack the police of this rural area have ever seen. As a manhunt for the dangerous fugitive ensues, a snow storm closes in. Two stranded women seek refuge in a closed-down pub, The Halfway Inn, to wait out the blizzard with the pub’s landlord and his elderly father. But no one at Halfway is as they seem and, as the night draws in, the four strangers soon realise they might have been safer out in the storm.

Told from the perspectives of the different characters, this gripping and claustrophobic psychological thriller is full of unreliable narrators and clever twists. Think Fargo meets In a Dark, Dark Wood. You never know who to trust and who could be the killer, and B. E. Jones leaves you guessing right up until the end.

So grab a copy, curl up on your sofa and be thankful you’re not in the wild, wintery depths of Wales. You won’t regret it!

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