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Go To My Grave

by Catriona McPherson

This week’s Friday Read comes from Krystyna Green, Publishing Director of Constable:

I just love Catriona’s standalone contemporary thrillers; they pretty much defy being slotted into any genre, being twisty, weird, rather beautiful and thoroughly gripping. She has an impressive roll-call of fans too: Ian Rankin tweeted last year that his favourite thriller of the year was Catriona’s The Child Garden while Karin Slaughter called The Weight of Angels ‘unnerving and suspenseful’.

Once again, Catriona doesn’t disappoint with Go to My Grave. As usual, the location is Scotland but this time it’s the wild coastline down from Glasgow. And, unusually for Catriona, we have a healthy dose of property porn thrown into the mix as what we have here is an updated country house murder mystery, with the beautiful beach property being the star of the show with its gleaming woodwork, stylish furnishings and rooms filled with flowers. But all this gorgeousness lulls us into a false sense of security as very slowly, bad things start to happen to the lucky group of people who have hired the house for a weekend reunion and we just know that before the weekend is over, at least one of them will be dead.

To say any more at this stage would spoil the fun! But if you love quirky thrillers with a dazzling cast of eccentric characters who collectively fall victim to the growing darkness which permeates the house, then this is the book for you. Enjoy – and read with the lights on!

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