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A Place to Lie

by Rebecca Griffiths

This week’s Friday read comes from Simon Osunsade, Editorial Assistant for Sphere and Dialogue Books.

Rebecca Griffiths’ A Place To Lie is littered with all the great tropes I’ve come to expect from domestic noirs – compelling characters, beautifully paced suspense and an enigmatic, chilling atmosphere. By alternating between the story in the nineties and the modern day, Rebecca slowly unearths the trauma that splits two sisters, Caroline and Joanna, apart and what brings them closer together again. For this reason, the novel had me hooked just as much for its twists and turns as its nosedive into the protagonist’s psyche.

Barry Forshaw, writing for The Guardian, recently praised Rebecca for her ‘incredibly tense narrative with stylish writing that keeps her a cut above most of her rivals’. Give it a try today!

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