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The Cuban Affair

by Nelson DeMille

This week’s Friday Read is from Sphere’s Editorial Director, Ed Wood:

Nelson DeMille has been an international bestseller for the best part of forty years, and he’s now held up as one of the greatest thriller writers in America today. He’s best known for his John Corey series, but for this standalone novel introduces a new character, Mac, who owns charter boat and takes on a risky, illegal job trying to retrieve a bundle of American cash from Cuba on the eve of the post-Castro thaw.

In many ways Mac is cut from the Corey mould – an ex-veteran, sarcastic, slightly self-centred but ultimately heroic. There’s sex, zinging dialogue and intrigue. While less experienced writers might plunge straight into action, DeMille is all about character so that when the action hits, you really care. Perfect holiday reading.



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