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by Linda Fairstein

This Friday’s recommendation comes from Lucy Dauman, Sphere’s Commissioning Editor for Crime and Thrillers.

Linda Fairstein’s latest Alexandra Cooper thriller Deadfall shows once again why USA Today hail her as ‘a champion teller of detective tales’. An important city employee who Alex worked with for years has been murdered, and she’s caught right in the middle. As one of the only witnesses she is fast becoming the chief suspect, when really she might well be the next target. As Alex and NYPD detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace dig into the murder and tries to clear her name, a tangled mess of secrets slowly comes to light. From bribes to secret societies, from big-game hunting to the illegal animal trade, from New York City zoos to behind closed doors in government buildings, Alex will have her work cut out for her if she wants to uncover the truth – and uphold the integrity of the office she has so proudly served.

Not only will this fast-paced thriller hold you in a vice-like grip until you reach the last page, it also shines a spotlight on the issue of illegal animal trade and the work the Wildlife Conservation Society does to prevent it. Also, if you’ve never made it to the Bronx Zoo I can assure you this will bump it right up to your to-do list (though maybe not after-dark!).

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