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The Sanctuary Murders

by Susanna Gregory

Editorial Manager Thalia does the Read this week:

The Matthew Bartholomew series is a stalwart of historical crime fiction – this latest is the twenty-fourth book in the series – and it has many fans, but new readers are always welcome if medieval Cambridge feels like a place you want to be. The author writes in keeping with the period but in a naturally light and fun manner, and the dedication in this book is to her chickens.

Our hero is Matt, as his friends call him, a physician monk who also is called on to examine bodies after death and thus gets involved with searching for murderers with his friend Brother Michael who runs their university college, Michaelhouse. There are constant clashes between the university and the townsfolk, and in this one, set in 1360, the unrest is not helped by the suspicious death of a French scholar.

Why not escape the modern world to join Matt and Michael in their quest for justice?





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