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Agatha Raisin and the Dead Ringer

by M. C. Beaton

This week’s Friday read recommendation comes from Constable’s publishing director, Krystyna Green:

‘This year is the year of M. C. Beaton as in October we publish her 30th Agatha Raisin mystery, so get your appetite whetted now by reading her 29th!  We’re back in Carsely where murdered bell ringers and glamorous – yet deadly – bishops abound while Agatha flounders with her usual man lusts and dilemmas, all the time while smoking, drinking too many G&Ts and microwaving instant meals for one. Oh, and she’s sleuthing too – investigating the mysterious disappearance of the bishop’s one-time fiancée… Could this man of the cloth also be a murderer?  Anything is possible in the Cotswolds!

The publishing of this paperback is just the start of our M. C. Beaton festivities – later on in July Marion is a special guest at Harrogate on the evening of Friday 19th,  Agatha Raisin is coming back for a second series on Sky One with Ashley Jensen as Agatha while in October there will be newspaper and radio interviews aplenty with Marion.  So get started with the Agathafest now – and if you are new to the delights of this PR-guru-turned-bucolic-PI then I suggest you go right back to the very beginning and pick up a copy of Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death today!’

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