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Beau Death

by Peter Lovesey

This week’s recommendation comes from Thalia, Editorial Manager:

The Peter Diamond mysteries are excellent fun, and mostly all set around Bath and Bristol, where there is crime amid the beautiful Georgian architecture.

This latest has the intriguing connection to Bath’s eighteenth-century ‘dandy’, Beau Nash, because a skeleton that’s uncovered by a wrecking ball is dressed in clothes very similar to those he would have worn.

Hence Diamond has to delve into the gathering of people that is the Beau Nash Society, and all the oddballs that that entails. His stalwart team are there to provide much-needed back-up, as well as his girlfriend Paloma, who is an expert on historical clothing, and Georgina the boss is swanning around on the edges of the case. Then Diamond’s hard-won investigation leads to a hugely tense final showdown…




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