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Gunmetal Gray

by Mark Greaney

It’s Ed again this week, championing Mark Greaney’s latest thriller:

Mark Greaney is without question one of the world’s best action thriller writers – earning the love and trust of Tom Clancy’s fans, whose books he first co-authored and then authored for some time after the great man’s death, is no mean feat – and this sixth book in the Gray Man series is one of his best. Don’t worry if you haven’t read them before, each of the novels can be read as a standalone, and this is a perfectly good place to discover hero Court Gentry and his white-knuckle world. Throughout the series he has an on-off relationship with the CIA, but here it’s on as he goes up against Russia and China in the hunt for a Chinese hacker on the run.

It’s breathless stuff, an American James Bond for the modern age, a Clancy for today, and goes off like a rocket.


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