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Clearing the Dark

by Hania Allen

Hannah Wann, Assistant Editor at PCR, is doing our recommending this week:

Clearing the Dark is the second novel in Hania Allen’s Scottish crime series featuring DI Dania Gorska. The series follows Polish detective Dania, who works for the Specialist Crime Division in the Scottish city of Dundee. Dania is a brilliant lead detective – smart, strong and with a deep love of vodka, thanks to her Polish roots.

In this novel, Dania is called to investigate the death of a young man found shot on a Dundee street, with a nail hammered into his forehead. The calling card suggests this is the work of local gangster Archie McLellan and clues point to the victim’s involvement in a dangerous venture with the infamous McLellan family.

When human remains are discovered buried in the grounds of Breek House, once owned by the McLellans, it seems there is an even darker history to be uncovered. The bodies have had their teeth removed, making identification complicated. Was this the act of a smart killer? Or could the back room at Breek House have been used as a torture chamber?

As Dania delves into the sinister history of the house she disturbs dangerous secrets from the past, threatening the lives of those in the present…


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