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Running Out of Road


Cath Staincliffe has been on the Constable list now for over a decade, producing a perfect work of crime fiction every year. Her trademark is to write about ordinary people in extraordinary situations, and the books are mainly set in the Manchester area (an area Cath knows so well), dealing with issues arising from inner city depravation and urban decay; focusing on people on the edges of society, lost, lonely and troubled, who have fallen through the cracks in everyday life.

But in her latest, Running out of Road, Cath takes us on a trip to the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District . . . and it transpires she does rural every bit as wonderfully as she does urban. Running out of Road is a real thriller, with a chaos of disparate people all thrown together and destined to meet up in an explosive situation at an isolated farmhouse in the middle of nowhere – but at which all their varying roads converge.

It’s gripping, exciting – and action packed!  It is very different from Cath’s usual style and it’s just wonderful to see her doing something like this . . . and if staycations are here with us for the foreseeable future (they seem like our safest bet at the moment) then I’m up for visiting the Peak District with my black Lab as it is portrayed so gorgeously in the book – but hopefully under far more relaxing circumstances than the ones portrayed here!

Krystyna Green