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Krystyna Green, publishing director of Constable, writes:

We all love M. W. Craven’s Cumbrian-based mega-series featuring Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw (the crime fiction award nominations this year alone for The Botanist attest to that!) but not wanting to rest on his laurels, he has gone away and come back with a new series, a new protagonist… and this time around Ben Koenig won’t be found in the hills and pubs of the Lake District, but in a much bigger area of play – the USA. But firstly, it must be said here (as if I don’t say it Mike will) Ben Koenig actually pre-dates Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw. Originally the book was entitled Nobody’s Hero, Mike wrote it many years ago, put it in a bottom drawer on completion and then when Covid hit, rediscovered it, reworked it… and now, here it is! And it is awesome.

I don’t want to give to much of the plot away here but what everyone who picks Fearless up should know is that Ben Koenig has a secret: he has a unique condition that affects only the tiniest percentage of the human population, and that is he is unable to feel fear. He is, literally, fearless. But fortunately, he is one of the good guys, an ex-US Special Ops marshal. Which is just as well as we want him on our side.  But it’s bad news for the men working on a project in the Chihuahuan Desert, something so secret they will kill anyone to protect it. But Ben is after them… and they’re about to find out what a truly fearless man is capable of.

Enough said! Just be prepared to be completely and utterly thrilled by Ben’s first outing. Fortunately, his second one is coming next year…