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The Woods


When it comes to autumn walks, I like my woods tranquil and beautiful, full of gold-flecked leaves and conkers and pine cones. When it comes to books though, I like my woods creepy as they come . . . which is why I just adore the second psychological thriller from the phenomenally talented Vanessa Savage.


What everyone – critics and readers alike – has been struck by in Vanessa’s writing is the quality of her description. She has a rare magical gift for conjuring a place in such detail that you really feel you’re there. In this case, it’s a very sinister wood in the Welsh countryside. Tess, the protagonist, is fascinated by this wood as a child. For her, it holds the key to her older sister Bella’s new world – a world of boys and alcohol and grown up things Tess fears and longs for at the same time. But after the terrible events that happen there one summer, Tess spends her adulthood desperately trying to escape her past and those woods. Until a family disaster forces her back to confront the ghosts lurking in those trees . . .

Rosanna Forte