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The One That Got Away

There are many things that make The One That Got Away the perfect kind of read for a weekend afternoon when you have a few hours spare to lose yourself in another world.

Firstly, the setting is amazing. Large sections of the book are set on a yacht sailing around the Mediterranean coast, and the characters stop off in all sorts of wonderful locales. Sounds hazy and relaxing, right? Well, no, because all of those scenes have a nail-biting tension to them. The yacht, which begins as a sort of vehicle of escape, soon becomes a prison for our protagonist, and her jailer is the man she thought she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. So that’s the first point: the tension and the description make this a very transportive novel.

Secondly, you really sympathise with the protagonist. Of course some books are brilliant precisely because you don’t like the narrator, but there’s something really gripping when you have a character you’re rooting for all the way. It means you can’t tear yourself away from their struggles – and this one has many throughout this novel.

Thirdly, The One That Got Away is so compulsive you will just fly through it, but it addresses some serious points as well and I love books that will entertain me and make me think. It makes you realise how terrifyingly easy it is to find yourself in someone else’s clutches, even if you’re the type of person who thinks of yourself as very independent and strong-willed.

So if you have a few hours spare this week – and let’s be fair, don’t we all at the moment – I highly recommend The One That Got Away. It’s new out in ebook and audio.

Rosanna Forte