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Join the Good Girl Bad Girl Readalong

To celebrate the publication of Good Girl Bad Girl by Michael Robotham in paperback we are running a read and listen along and we’d love for you to join us!


Hosted by Tandem Collective UK, the questions we will be discussing are below.


To take part, grab your copy or download your audiobook and head over to Instagram and follow #GoodGirlBadGirlReadalong.


Question 1

Audio: Track 2, end

Paperback: Page 14

What do you make of Evie and Cyrus so far, as they’re set to be our main characters for the novel, how do you think they’ll get on? Why do you think Evie feels that Cyrus is different to other psychologist?


Question 2

Audio: Track 11, quote ends at 3:11

Paperback: Chapter 11 Page 73-74

“Chance is a random outcome in the real world whereas luck is the value we place upon it when we label it good or bad.”

How do you feel about this difference between chance and luck? Do you believe in luck?


Question 3

Audio: Track 48, speech ends at 5:03

Paperback: Chapter 48, page 309

“Is this a trick?”

Why does Cyrus adopt a dog with Evie? What do you think was his motivation behind this?


Question 4

Audio: Track 57, sentence ends at 5:51

Paperback: Chapter 57, page 353 or

“Surgery has rules. The problems are tangible and technical, whereas psychology relies more on instinct and empathy.”

Have you ever thought of the distinction this way before? Would you ever want to be a psychologist?


Question 5 

Audio: Track 66, sentence ends at 7:30

Paperback: Chapter 66 Page 385 or

“That’s why you couldn’t let Aidan fall in love with Jodie.”

Do you enjoy a twist based on DNA evidence? Does Felicity’s maternal want to protect Aidan change your thoughts on her actions here?


Question 6


How do you feel about this ending? How do you feel about the amount of information readers now have on Evie?