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Let’s face it, it’s very hard to have not heard of Verity at this point. Colleen Hoover’s first thriller took the book community by storm after it’s viral success online, leading to an incredible fanbase and over three million copies sold. With its gothic premise and incredible twists, it’s not surprising to see why it captured the imaginations of so many people, and with the brand-new hardback edition with a never-before-seen epilogue publishing this month, there’s even more to discover…

Verity follows struggling writer Lowen Ashleigh, who is recruited as a ghost writer for famed author Verity Crawford, who is injured and unable to finish the series that made her a bestseller. Verity’s husband, Jeremy, opens up their remote and impressive home to Lowen while she gathers years’ worth of notes and outlines, but it’s not long before strange things begin to happen in the house. Upon uncovering a shocking autobiography written by the author, never intended for anyone to read, Lowen becomes terrified of the incapacitated woman upstairs.

I first read Verity in one heart-pounding sitting, racing through the pages to uncover each layer in this bone-chilling story, and the new ending adds a whole new dimension to my terror. Checking in with these characters for one last jaw-dropping chapter really made my re-read feel especially chilling. In the run up to spooky season, you couldn’t do any better than getting your hands on this gorgeous special edition.

Ruth Jones