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The Curator


Hi guys, Mike here. For some reason my publisher, Krystyna, has given me free rein on today’s Friday Reads, proving once and for all that she doesn’t really know me at all . . . I assume she wants me to talk about my new book, The Curator, which is out now, but, for those of you missing your trips to the beautiful county of Cumbria, I think I’d rather talk about the best way of walking to Montague Island, one of the islands on the Furness Peninsular, and a key scene in the book. The first thing you need to know is that, while you can walk to the nearby Piel Island when the tide is out, under professional supervision, you should never try to walk to Montague. And that’s because it doesn’t exist. It’s fictitious. A figment of my weird imagination. If you try to walk to Montague Island, you will drown in the Irish Sea. And if you think this is heavy-handed, please do remember that hotels have to put ‘Not to be Used in the Shower’ labels on their hairdryers . . .

Anyway, on to The Curator. It’s the darkest in the Poe & Tilly series to date, but I’ve ramped up the humour to offer some light against the dark. Steph Flynn is heavily pregnant and incredibly grumpy with it, Tilly gets to go on a boat for the first time (when she may or may not see a shark) and Poe does what Poe does best: annoy people as he follows the evidence wherever it takes him. I think Flynn describes him best when she says, ‘A Venn diagram of the people Poe knows and the people he’s upset would be a f*****g circle.’

M.W. Craven