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Before the Storm

Before the Storm

Your favourite Scottish detective is back with a brand new case, one that threatens to destroy everything.

Inspector Daniel Kohi of the Zimbabwean police force returns home one night to find his worst nightmare has been realised. His family dead, his house destroyed, and in fear for his life, he is forced to flee the country he loves.

Far away in Glasgow, DSI William Lorimer has his hands full. Christmas is approaching, the city is bustling, and whilst the homicide rate has been relatively low, something much darker is brewing. Counter-Terrorism have got wind of a plot, here in Lorimer’s native city, to carry out an unspeakable atrocity on Christmas Eve. They need someone with local knowledge to help them root it out and who better than the head of the Scottish Major Incidents Team.

But the investigation is complicated by a spate of local murders, and by the rumours that someone is passing information to criminal organisations from inside the police force. Soon Lorimer finds himself in desperate need of assistance. Then he meets an extraordinary man – a refugee from Zimbabwe whose investigative skills are a match for Lorimer’s own . . .


‘Immensely exciting and atmospheric’ ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH
‘Move over Rebus’ DAILY MAIL
‘Relentless and intriguing’ PETER MAY
‘Convincing Glaswegian atmosphere and superior writing’ THE TIMES
The Cut

The Cut

Millie Spark can kill anyone.

A special effects make-up artist, her talent is to create realistic scenes of bloody violence.

Then, one day, she wakes to find her lover dead in her bed.

Twenty-five years later, her sentence for murder served, Millicent is ready to give up on her broken life – until she meets troubled film student and reluctant petty thief Jerry.

Together, they begin to discover that all was not what it seemed on that fateful night . . . and someone doesn’t want them to find out why.

The entertaining, moving, and unpredictable new thriller from multi-award-winning bestseller Chris Brookmyre is a wholly original masterpiece and the best crime novel of 2021
Blood Ties

Blood Ties

‘Dazzling’ THE GUARDIAN on Borderlands

‘A clever web of intrigue that deepens and darkens as it twists’ PETER JAMES on Gallows Lane

‘Some of the very best crime fiction being written today’ LEE CHILD on Bad Blood


How can a dead woman avenge herself on her killer twelve years after her murder?

This is the puzzle facing Ben Devlin in his latest case. He is called to the scene of a murder – a man has been stabbed to death in his rented room and when his identity is discovered Devlin feels a ghost walk over his grave as he knows the name Brooklyn Harris well. As a teenager, Harris beat his then-girlfriend Hannah Row to death, and then spent twelve years in prison for the murder.

As Devlin investigates the dead man’s movements since his release it becomes apparent Harris has been grooming teenage girls online and then arranging to meet them. But his activities have been discovered by others, notably a vigilante, who goes straight to the top of Devlin’s list of suspects… until he uncovers that Harris was killed on the anniversary of Hannah’s death – just too big a coincidence in Devlin’s books. So Hannah’s family join the ever-growing list of suspects being interviewed by his team. And then forensics contact Devlin with the astounding news that blood found on Harris’s body is a perfect match to that of Hannah Row’s. Yet how can this be; the girl was murdered many years ago – and Devlin doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Praise for Brian McGilloway

‘This dazzling, labyrinthine debut impresses not only for the authentic depiction of a troubled community and the conflicts of a fallible detective, but also for the intense portrait of the borderlands themselves; as beautiful and terrible as the secrets they keep’ Guardian

‘McGilloway’s Borderlands was one of last years most impressive debuts. Does Gallows Lane pass the feared second-novel test? Easily.’ The Times

‘McGilloway skilfully handles the tangled threads of a conspiracy surrounding an old crime, to make a satisfying mystery with an attractive central character.’ Sunday Telegraph

‘One of the most original voices in the notably expanding field of Irish crime fiction and this reviewer, for one, would like to read more of DS Lucy Black.’ Irish Independent

‘Gallows Lane shows just how mature the Irish crime thriller has become… A cracking thriller and an interesting social document… not just because of the twisting storyline, well drawn characters and fluid dialogue, but also because of the authenticity of the themes.’ Sunday Business Post

‘Sure to cement his position as one of the top crime writers around… McGilloway has been described as the new Ian Rankin and with very good reason.An accomplished dramatic, well-paced novel that will have you gripped from the very start.’ Peterborough Evening Telegraph

‘McGilloway manages to keep you interested and guessing until the very last page. What also sets this apart is the way he manages to instill even some of the most minor characters with a humanity and interest not always apparent in the crime thriller genre.’ Newham Recorder

‘Among the very accomplished group of new Irish crime writers, McGilloway ranks very high in his ability to evoke a particular milieu, to populate it with interesting and believable characters and to structure his stories around meaningful (if sometimes horrifying) metaphors.’ International Noir Fiction

‘A seductive, compelling combination: impeccable characterisation, beautiful writing and a first class narrative. Borderlands is a terrific book, Gallows Lane an even stronger sequel.’ Material Witness

‘Driven by real human motivations, doubts and desires, Gallows Lane is a very rewarding read.’ The Irish Mail on Sunday

‘McGilloway has followed up his acclaimed crime fiction debut with another masterly thriller.’ Irish News
‘A stunning second novel… taut and fast paced. McGilloway has written another compelling book here with no cliches or easy answers.’ Verbal Magazine

‘A ripping yarn that scorches its way through an early summer heatwave… McGilloway is carving out a thrilling crime fiction franchise… and this second offering does not disappoint.’ Tyrone Herald

‘McGilloway’s second Devlin mystery gathers pace and tension.. as [Devlin] struggles to bring his flawed police work to a just conclusion.’ Financial Times

‘A wildly underrated author, his books are absolutely fantastic… [Preserve the Dead] is a brilliant exploration of modern Ireland.’ RTE Radio1

‘Preserve the Dead is storytelling of the highest order from one of Irish crime writing’s most unassuming masters.’
Irish Independent

‘Like a snapshot of modern society… Engrossing.’ Sunday Independent

‘McGilloway’s novels are enjoyable police procedurals, displaying his understanding of the evolving nature of criminal enterprises in a world of porous national boundaries.’ Sunday Times

‘Lucy Black. Oh, how I love you!…I absolutely adore this book series… The writing was excellent, the storyline was fast paced and exciting. The character development is exceptional.’ Tales of a Book Addict

‘Atmospheric, intriguing and sinister’ Big Issue in the North



Disappearing intelligence analysts lead the Gray Man deep into a conspiracy in the latest explosive novel from number one New York Times bestseller Mark Greaney.

The first agent disappearance was a puzzle.

The second was a mystery.

The third was a conspiracy.

Intelligence operatives around the world are disappearing. When a missing American agent reappears in Venezuela, Court Gentry, the Gray Man, is dispatched to bring him in, but a team of assassins has other ideas. Court escapes with his life and a vital piece of intelligence.

Meanwhile, CIA agent Zoya Zakharova is in Berlin. Her mission: to infiltrate a private intelligence firm with some alarming connections. The closer she gets to answers, the less likely she is to get out alive.

Court and Zoya are just two pieces on this international chessboard, and they’re about to discover one undeniable truth: sometimes capturing a king requires sacrificing some pawns.
The Verdict

The Verdict


When Natalie finds herself on the jury of an unsettling trial, she is shaken when the verdict of ‘not guilty’ is greeted by a scream from the public gallery.

As the weeks after the trial pass, she can’t shake the feeling that they made a terrible mistake with their verdict; that a dangerous man could be walking free.

Crossing paths with the accused by chance, Natalie decides she has no option but to find out the truth.

But as things slip increasingly out of control, the lines between right and wrong – innocent and guilty – become blurred.

Just how far will she go to set the verdict right?


I loved this book – tightly plotted, edge-of-seat gripping’ SOPHIE HANNAH

‘I for one am terrified of the woman next door!’ LOUISE CANDLISH

‘I raced through it – edgy, tense’ HARRIET TYCE

‘Dark, twisty, claustrophobic’ JO SPAIN
The Murder List

The Murder List

St. Andrews, Scotland: When an elderly woman’s naked body is found in her home, crucified to the floor, DCI Andy Gilchrist and his associate, DS Jessie Janes, find themselves in a hunt for a brutal serial killer. As the body count rises, suspicion falls on Tap ‘Dancer’ McCrear, a career criminal recently released from prison after serving fifteen years for a murder he swore he never committed.

As Gilchrist begins to uncover the terrifying truth behind each of the killings, his worst fears are realised when he learns that McCrear is killing everyone involved in his murder trial… for it was Gilchrist who arrested McCrear all those years ago.

High-flying Detective Superintendent Rommie Frazier, who leads the multi-constabulary task force searching for McCrear, clashes with Gilchrist over the detail of the investigation, and demands his removal. But Gilchrist won’t leave without a fight, for he knows it is up to him to find Tap McCrear… before his own name is struck off the murder list.


From international bestselling author Craig Russell comes a modern Gothic masterpiece.

Edward Hyde has a strange gift-or a curse-he keeps secret from all but his physician. He experiences two realities, one real, the other a dreamworld state brought on by a neurological condition.

When murders in Victorian Edinburgh echo the ancient Celtic threefold death ritual, Captain Edward Hyde hunts for those responsible. In the process he becomes entangled in a web of Celticist occultism and dark scheming by powerful figures. The answers are there to be found, not just in the real world but in the sinister symbolism of Edward Hyde’s otherworld.

He must find the killer, or lose his mind.

A dark tale. One that inspires Hyde’s friend . . . Robert Louis Stevenson.

Praise for The Devil Aspect:

‘The best twist I have ever read’ (Michael Ridpath, author of Traitor’s Gate)

‘Breathtaking’ (Daily Mail)

‘Wildly entertaining . . . truly frightening’ (New York Times)

‘Deep, dark, and twisty . . . a gripping masterpiece of a thriller!’ Alex Grecian, New York Times bestselling author of The Yard

‘Elegant, edgy, ingenious‘ A. J. Finn, New York Times bestselling author of The Woman in the Window

Drags you into its dark world kicking and screaming . . . gets under your skin slowly, then goes deep, like the tip of a butcher knifeNew York Times

‘Sensational . . . twists are jaw-dropping . . . a mind-blowing story line that will appeal to fans of Caleb Carr and Thomas Harris’ Publishers Weekly

A thrilling, twisting trip through the darkest corridors of the human mind’ Daniel H. Wilson, New York Times bestselling author of Robopocalypse

A tour de force: a clever and visceral thriller‘ Lincoln Child, New York Times bestselling author

‘Dark, stylish and packed with jaw-dropping twists . . . an astonishing piece of work’ M. W. Craven, author of The Puppet Show

‘A superior thriller, at once stylish, absorbing and compulsive’ Laura Carlin, author of The Wicked Cometh

‘Well-crafted gothic crime . . . smart, atmospheric’ Kirkus Reviews

A Gothic masterpiece in psychological horror and creeping dread ‘ Neil Broadfoot, author of No Man’s Land

Deliciously authentic and darkly atmospheric‘ Graham Smith, author of Death in the Lakes
If I Disappear

If I Disappear

‘A slick, smart thriller you don’t want to miss’ SAMANTHA DOWNING

‘I got serious Get Out vibes from this book . . . I won’t sleep for days’ STEPHANIE WROBEL

‘Fascinating, twisty . . . an ending you won’t see coming’ LOUISE O’NEILL

Sera is obsessed with true crime podcasts. They make her feel empowered in a world where women like her regularly disappear. So when Rachel, her favourite podcast host, goes missing from a small town in Northern California, she knows it’s time to act.

Sera heads to the isolated ranch where Rachel grew up, determined to discover what’s happened to her. But the more Sera digs into this unfamiliar world, the more off things start to feel.

Because Rachel is not the first woman to vanish from the ranch, and she won’t be the last…

Rachel did try to warn her.

A chilling and utterly addictive thriller that will hook you from the first page and keep you up all night . . .

Compulsive, atmospheric . . . kept me guessing until the very end’ KATHERINE ST. JOHN

‘Sleek, exciting and twisty’ RENE DENFIELD

‘A propulsive thrill ride . . . firecracker ending’ LISA UNGER

‘Genuinely scary . . . this debut marks a ferocious new voice in psychological suspense’ ANDREA BARTZ

‘A clever, sinister read with a surprising sting in the tail’ KIMBERLEY BELLE
Blotto, Twinks and the Maharajah's Jewel

Blotto, Twinks and the Maharajah's Jewel

‘A new Simon Brett is an event for mystery fans’ P. D. James

Anyone for cricket – and a spot of burglary?

An idle conversation on the merits of the glorious game with an old Etonian chum is just the excuse Blotto needs to put himself forward for a cricket tour to foreign climes… and so begins the next adventure for our intrepid duo, where the action takes them to India where, as everyone knows, the finest cricket players hail from – as well as the world’s most skilled jewel thieves…

The Dowager Duchess has no problems in letting her two children go to the subcontinent as having her beautiful daughter Twinks married off to a massively rich Maharaja offers the Dowager Duchess the prospect of a permanent solution to the cash-draining maintenance of the Tawcester Towers plumbing.

So Twinks joins Blotto on a steamer bound for India, one that is full of young woman desperate to marry well there – only once having encountered the dashing Blotto, a lot of them fancy the idea of getting married before they reach their destination. And, unbeknownst to the siblings, also on the ship is the international jewel thief Archie Montmorency, passing himself off as one of Blotto’s cricketing entourage. His real mission though is to steal the diamond which adorns the turban the Maharajah of Koorbleimee.

From the moment they arrive in Bombay, Blotto and Twinks are caught up in a rollercoaster of crime and adventure. Blotto’s wish to concentrate only on the cricket is constantly frustrated by the machinations of Archie Montgomery, and he has to constantly resist the attempts of the Maharajah of Koorbleimee to marry him off to his beautiful daughter, his ‘jewel’, Suhana.

The customary cavalcade of jeopardy and hair’s breadth escapes ensue, until Blotto and Twinks once again return, unwed, to Tawcester Towers.

Praise for Simon Brett

‘Murder most enjoyable’ Colin Dexter

‘One of British crime’s most assured craftsmen . . . Crime writing just like in the good old days, and perfect entertainment’ Guardian

‘Few crime writers are so enchantingly gifted’ Sunday Times

‘Simon Brett writes stunning detective stories. I would recommend them to anyone’ Jilly Cooper

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