World Gone By

Dennis Lehane

Published on: 07/05/2015

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The brilliantly dark new masterpiece from the acclaimed author of Shutter Island and The Given Day

Joe Coughlin is untouchable. Once one of America’s most feared and prominent gangsters, he now moves effortlessly between the social elite, politicians, police and the mob. He has everything he could possibly want; money, power, a beautiful mistress, and anonymity.

But in a town that runs on corruption, vengeance and greed, success can’t protect Joe from the dark truth of his past — and ultimately, the wages of a lifetime of sin will finally be paid in full . . .

Chilling, heart-breaking and gripping, this is the most complex and powerful novel to date from Dennis Lehane, writer on The Wire and author of modern classics such as Shutter Island, Gone, Baby, Gone and The Given Day.


Praise for Dennis Lehane:

‘This is not just brilliant period crime writing but brilliant writing full stop’ Independent

‘Sophisticated, literary and barbed enough… it makes this book a sentence-by-sentence pleasure. You are in the hands of an expert. And you’ll know it’ Scotsman


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About the author:

Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane was born and raised in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He has won and been shorlisted for several awards for his writing and three of his books have been made into films. He lives in the Boston area.

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