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Christobel Kent

Published on: 17/05/2018


He stole her childhoodShe’ll take his future

What would you do if you accidentally encountered the man who once abused you? 

And how would you get away with it?

Bridget’s life is small and safe: she loves her husband, her son and works hard to keep her own business afloat. Until one day, her former violin teacher Anthony Carmichael walks into her shop with the teenager he’s clearly grooming.

Carmichael begins to stalk Bridget, trying to terrify her into silence. But Bridget is older and stronger now and suddenly, she snaps and fights back.

Now Bridget must find a way to deal with the aftermath of her actions…

The gripping, compelling and timely new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Loving HusbandThe Crooked House and The Day She Disappeared. Perfect for fans of Apple Tree Yard and Lie With Me.

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About the author:

Christobel Kent

Christobel Kent was born in London and educated at Cambridge. She has lived variously in Essex, London and Italy. Her childhood included several years spent on a Thames sailing barge in Maldon, Essex with her father, stepmother, three siblings and four step-siblings, which provided inspiration for the setting of The Crooked House. She now lives […]

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