Tokyo Hostess

Clare Campbell

Published on: 01/01/1970


A harrowing account of the seductive but deadly world of Tokyo nightclub hostessing.

The ambition of Tokyo businessman Joji Obara was to have sex with five hundred women. He set up a kind of date-rape production line to do it – the horrible workings of which would become infamous in the course of a sensational trial.

In recent years, a number of high profile murder cases involving Western women who work as hostesses in Tokyo nightclubs have attracted the attention of the media. ‘Gaijin’ generally means ‘foreign’ or ‘non-Japanese’. This book focuses on the victims of businessman Joji Obara, who was controversially acquitted of the murder of Lucie Blackman but jailed for that of Carita Ridgway.

Samantha Ridgway, Carita’s sister, and the Blackman family never gave up their fight for justice and finally Obara was jailed. But there are many more tragic stories of the men who prey on the gaijin girls…

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About the author:

Clare Campbell

Clare Campbell is an author and journalist. She writes regularly for the Daily Mail and is a contributing editor to Marie Claire magazine. She is married to the author and historian, Christy Campbell, and lives in London with her husband and twelve year old son. She has grown up twin daughters.

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