The Tsunami Countdown

Boyd Morrison

Published on: 08/11/2012

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One man. One hour. One million people to save…

Over the remote central Pacific, an airliner is rocked by a massive explosion and plummets into the ocean, leaving no survivors.

Twelve hundred miles away in Hawaii, Kai Tanaka, the acting director of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Honolulu, notes a minor seismic disturbance but doesn’t make the connection with the lost airplane. He has no reason to worry about his wife, manager of a luxury hotel, or his daughter, who is enjoying the sunshine at Waikiki beach.

But when all contact with neighbouring Christmas Island is lost, Kai is the first to realize that Hawaii faces an epic catastrophe: in one hour, a series of massive waves will wipe out Honolulu. He has just sixty minutes to save the lives of a million people, including his wife and daughter…

Addictive and fast-paced, The Tsunami Countdown pitches an ordinary man against the odds in an electrifying and action-packed thriller. You won’t be able to put it down.

‘The best thriller I’ve read this year’ Chris Kuzneski

‘Takes the reader on a watery thrill ride of terror’ Douglas Preston

‘Not to be missed!’ James Rollins

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About the author:

Boyd Morrison

After university, Boyd Morrison earned a PhD in industrial engineering, worked for NASA and tested Xbox games for Microsoft. A professional actor and outdoor-sports enthusiast, he is currently at work on his next thriller in the Tyler Locke series. Join Boyd on Facebook to find out more. Read the Tyler Locke series.  Boyd Morrison talks […]

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