The Other Mrs Miller

Allison Dickson

Published on: 16/07/2019

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Two women are watching each other.
Phoebe isn’t sure when the car started showing up. At first she put it down to the scandal around her late father, but she’s certain now it’s there for her. What’s interesting about an unhappily married housewife, who barely leaves her house?

Only one knows why.
Every morning, not long before your husband leaves for work, I wait for the blinds beside your front door to twitch. You might think I’m sitting out here waiting to break into your house and add a piece of your life to my collection. Things aren’t quite that simple. It’s not a piece of your life I want.

When a new family move in across the street, it provides Phoebe with a distraction. But with her head turned she’s no longer focused on the woman in the car. And Phoebe really should be, because she’s just waiting for an opportunity to upend Phoebe’s life…

‘Will take your breath away’ CHRISTINA DALCHER, author of Vox

‘A fast-paced, addictive novel’ LISA BALLANTYNE, author of The Guilty One

‘Deliciously devious’ CHANDLER BAKER, author of Whisper Network

‘Had me guessing until the very end’ LISA LUTZ, author of The Passenger


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About the author:

Allison Dickson

Allison Dickson has been writing novels and short stories for over a decade. After having a small hit with an independently published novel, she found her home in the world of dark thrillers and psychological suspense. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually overdosing on true crime shows, crocheting something cute and/or creepy, or wandering the […]

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