The Nature of Rare Things

Derek Wilson

Series: Nathaniel Gye

Published on: 24/11/2005

Genre: ,

Second in the Nathaniel Gye paranormal investigator series, available exclusively on the Crime Vault.

When paranormal investigator and Cambridge lecturer Dr. Nathaniel Gye is commissioned at a séance to find a dead man’s killer, he dismisses the incident as a clumsy fraud by a fake medium. But when Nathaniel’s own wife disappears in Italy, an eventuality foretold by the same unquiet spirit, he is forced to look for connections between her predicament and the violent death of a man she never knew.

In this dark and fast-paced mystery, the urgent search for answers takes Nathaniel far from his quiet university existence and into a labyrinth of hazardous twists and turns involving a stolen Renaissance painting and the love life of poets Robert and Elizabeth Browning.

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About the author:

Derek Wilson

After graduating from Cambridge, Derek Wilson spent several years travelling and teaching before becoming a full-time writer, broadcaster and author of historical non-fiction. As well as many non-fiction publications, he is the author of crime novels, which include the Tim Lacy artworld mysteries and the supernatural Nathaniel Gye series. Derek is also the author of a Tudor crime series starring young […]

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