The Mystery of the Stolen Brides: An Inspector Dearborn case

Robin Squire

Published on: 15/08/2014

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A Victorian detective mystery with a devastating crime at its heart: when a young bride is snatched from her wedding, London-weary Inspector Dearborn finally has the chance to prove himself. But the crime is far more complex than anyone realises . . .

It is the summer of 1891 and a young, beautiful bride is snatched from her wedding, leaving her guests shocked and her new husband distraught. A search is hurriedly mounted, but as each minute passes the trail grows colder. In angry desperation they turn to Scotland Yard.

In Victorian London, Detective Inspector Solomon Dearborn has been crumbling under the failures of the Jack the Ripper investigation. Reluctantly he and his young assistant, Detective Sergeant Sparrowhawk, turn their attention to the missing Somerset bride. The crux of this mystery, though, is that it has all happened before . . .

From Fleet Street to the moors, Dearborn and Sparrowhawk endeavour to find the truth behind this dark and difficult crime.

The Mystery of the Stolen Brides was originally published in 1978, under the title A Portrait of Barbara. Read Robin’s excellent piece on his publishing journey, that cover, and meeting his younger self when editing it anew.

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About the author:

Robin Squire

Born in Kingston-Upon-Thames and brought up in Cheshire, Robin Squire served as an infantryman in the British Army after leaving school. His first novel, Square One, was based on stories from his time in swinging sixties London. A stint working at the BBC then led to him playing the first Doctor Who alien to appear […]

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  1. Doreen Macarthy:

    I love Victorian Detective stories, and was swept away by The Mystery of the Stolen Brides.
    The cover captures the atmosphere of the story perfectly.
    I found myself completely immersed in the story. It made great holiday reading.
    What a surprising twist to the plot at the end!
    The characters were strong, and I loved the period attention-to-detail. It would be great to see this thought-provoking and very visual novel made into a film.
    When will the next Inspector Dearborn case be available?

  2. September 30th, 2015 at 2:14 pm

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