The Final Hour

Tom Wood

Series: Victor the Assassin

Published on: 22/03/2018

Genre: , , ,

From bestselling author Tom Wood comes a unique and gasp-inducing Victor thriller that turns all your expectations on their head . . .

Agent Antonio Alvarez has been tracking a dangerous murderer for years, a nameless hitman responsible for numerous homicides.

The Agency deflected him away from his search, but he didn’t give up, piecing together clues and hearsay. Now a promotion has allowed him to pursue this man with a hand-picked team and bring him to justice.

Only problem is, the murderer has vanished.

Thousands of miles away, the assassin known as Victor has stopped working – recently he began to care; he made mistakes. Now he has a choice: whether to give up the life or return to being a cold-hearted weapon. But there’s another killer who needs his help – and she might be harder to refuse . . .

All while the good guys are closing in on him.

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About the author:

Tom Wood

Tom Wood was born and raised in Staffordshire and now lives in London. He is the author of three critically acclaimed thrillers and one short story starring his enigmatic assassin, Victor.

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