The Detective Wore Silk Drawers

Peter Lovesey

Series: Sergeant Cribb

Published on: 01/08/2013

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From the utterly charming and critically-acclaimed Sergeant Cribb series, by award-winning Peter Lovesey. This is an absolute must for crime fiction fans.

Forbidden in Victorian England, the grim and violent world of bare-knuckle fighting has gone underground. So when a headless body is found floating in the Thames, his hands ‘pickled’ for fighting, Sergeant Cribb knows he is facing a challenge. Desperate for information, they select the young constable Henry Jago to infiltrate the gang, subjecting him to a rigorous programme of purging, pickling and training. Cribb is certain that the losing fighters are being killed, or worse, so getting Jago out just in time is crucial…

‘A gorgeous piece of period reconstruction … all the details of pickling and purging, gymnastics and ‘coming up to scratch’ worked into an exciting plot’ – Daily Telegraph

‘A splendid thick-ear thriller in the literal sense’ – Guardian

‘A rich and unusual mystery, with suspense enough for the most confirmed addict’ – Los Angeles Times

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About the author:

Peter Lovesey

Peter Lovesey is the award winning creator of three outstanding detective series – those featuring Sergeant Cribb, Bertie, Prince of Wales, and most recently Peter Diamond.  He has won both the Gold and Silver Daggers in the UK, and many American awards. Read the Peter Diamond series. Read the Bertie Prince of Wales series. Read […]

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