The Child

Sebastian Fitzek

Published on: 13/11/2014

Genre: , ,

My name is Simon

I’m 10 years old

I’m a serial killer.

Robert Stern, a successful defence lawyer, doesn’t know what lies in store for him when he agrees to meet a new client in a derelict estate on the outskirts of Berlin. To his astonishment, the defendant is a ten-year-old boy – Simon – a fragile child with a chronic illness who insists that he was a murderer in a former life. Stern’s surprise quickly turns to horror as he searches the cellar Simon has directed him to and discovers the skeletal remains of a man, the skull split with an axe – just as Simon told him he would.

But this is only the beginning, as Simon tells Stern where to find even more victims whose bodies have lain undisturbed for years. Suddenly, the present feels murderously dangerous as well…

The Child is a darkly twisting, page-turning thriller that will make your heart pound with adrenaline.

Praise for Sebastian Fitzek:

‘Fitzek’s thrillers are breathtaking and full of wild twists’ -Harlan Coben

‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Inception’ –Guardian

‘A taut psychological thriller’ –The Times

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About the author:

Sebastian Fitzek

Sebastian Fitzek is a number one internationally bestselling psychological thriller writer from Germany. Fitzek worked as a journalist for radio and TV stations all around Europe before become a bestselling thriller sensation. His books Therapy, Splinter, The Eye Collector and The Child have been translated into English and The Nightwalker is currently being translated.

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