The Father (Made in Sweden)

Anton Svensson

Published on: 06/08/2015

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An unforgettable, thrilling crime novel of how three brothers came to be Sweden’s most wanted criminals, inspired by the unbelievable true story and written by the fourth brother.

How does a child become a criminal? How does a father lose a son?

An epic crime novel with the excitement of Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters and the depth of We Need to Talk About KevinThe Father is inspired by the extraordinary true story of three brothers who held Sweden to ransom, committing ten audacious bank robberies over just two years.

None had committed a crime before. All were under 24 years old. All of them would be changed forever.

In this intoxicating, heartbreaking thriller, the fourth brother, who was not involved in the real robberies, tells of three boys who grew from innocent children to become public enemy number one – and of the man who made them that way.

Praise for The Father:

‘Unique and stunning. One of the most powerful novels you’ll read this year.’ Stephen Booth

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The Made in Sweden podcast is the true story behind the novel The Father by Anton Svensson. This is an unforgettable, thrilling real-life story of how three brothers grew up to become Sweden’s most wanted criminals, as told by fourth brother Stefan Thunberg and crime journalist-turned-author Anders Roslund. There are 6 episodes released every Friday for 6 weeks.

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About the author:

Anton Svensson

‘Anton Svensson’ is a pseudonym for Stefan Thunberg and Anders Roslund. Stefan Thunberg is one of Scandinavia’s most celebrated screenwriters. His body of work spans popular TV-series such as Henning Mankell’s Wallander and Håkan Nesser’s Van Veeteren as well as two of Sweden’s biggest box office successes in recent years: Hamilton and Jägarna 2. While […]

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  1. Carol Peace:

    Thank you for the book I have put a review on goodreads too. The book starts with Leo and his father and a fight between his father and mother. We then go forward to the present day and even though Leo and his brothers Felix and Vincent don’t have any contact with his father he is always at the back of Leo’s mind and seems to haunt him. The brothers rob a bank and then another but all is not well and we are taken back and forth from the present to the past and why they ended up taking this ‘career’. John Broncks is the policeman who is trying to capture the bank robbers who have been named The Military League because of the weapons they have at their disposal. He will not settle until they are caught. This is such a thoughtful and brutal story of the minds of Leo,Felix and Vincent and the trigger happy boy who is in league with then. It also shows how the police tried so hard to capture them and how angry they were.
    I loved the book and even though it was based in sweden it could have been any country but the fact that it had been based on a true story was surprising.When you learn who the co-author was made it more poignant. Well worth a read and anyone who loves crime swedish or otherwise will be glued to this book

  2. June 7th, 2015 at 10:31 am

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