Peter Lovesey

Series: Sergeant Cribb

Published on: 01/08/2013

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From the utterly charming and critically-acclaimed Sergeant Cribb series, by award-winning Peter Lovesey. This is an absolute must for crime fiction fans.

A practical joker is haunting the popular music halls of Victorian London – but far from being funny, his intentions are deeply sinister. A trapeze artist misses her timing when the ropes are shortened; a comedian who invites the audience to sing along with him finds the words of his song ‘shamefully’ altered; mustard has been applied to a sword swallower’s blade; a singer’s costume has been rigged; the girl in a magician’s box is trapped.

And then the mischief escalates to murder. Or was murder intended all along? The indomitable detective team of Sergeant Cribb and Constable Thackeray dive into the back rooms and dark alleyways of London as they pursue the elusive criminal.

‘Music hall’s heyday lovingly recalled as Sergeant Cribb and Constable Thackeray cope with limelit poisoning and Victorian permissiveness … thoroughly entertaining’ – Guardian

‘Sinister fun in splendidly atmospheric setting’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘It’s a tangled business, both evil and intricate. Very much Grade A’ – John Dickson Carr

‘Lovesey has a special flair for re-creating Victorian England with to-the-manner-born wit. I love Lovesey’ – Saturday Review

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About the author:

Peter Lovesey

Peter Lovesey is the award winning creator of three outstanding detective series – those featuring Sergeant Cribb, Bertie, Prince of Wales, and most recently Peter Diamond.  He has won both the Gold and Silver Daggers in the UK, and many American awards. Read the Peter Diamond series. Read the Bertie Prince of Wales series. Read […]

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