A Fine Target

Margaret Duffy

Published on: 01/01/1970

Genre: ,

A crime mystery classic, brought back to life for The Crime Vault, available for the first time as an ebook.

An anxious woman looks out of her cottage window – the lake is calm and the air is warm. She is concerned by the abandoned car, something seems amiss . . . But it would take the keenest of eyes to notice the human hand beyond the water’s edge, just reaching for the surface.

Detective Chief Inspector James Carrick is horrified when the corpse is revealed, instantly recognising his friend Patrick Gillard, a government agent. So he is somewhat relieved when the body is in fact identified as Patrick’s brother, Lawrence, a newly divorced, struggling teacher and father, loved by all. It seems a clear case of mistaken identity.

But as he begins the obligatory probe into Lawrence’s life, Carrick discovers something that takes him utterly by surprise and leads him into an investigation with more twists and vicious danger than any he has ever encountered.

A crime mystery classic that will chill you to the bone . . .

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About the author:

Margaret Duffy

Margaret Duffy is married and lives with her husband and cat near Tavistock, in Devon. She is the author of twenty-three thrillers, many featuring James Carrick.

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