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Get to know other crime fiction fans on Twitter

We made a list of some of the great crime people on Twitter we think you should follow to stay in the know about crime, mystery and detective fiction online. We’ve got a list of Crime Vault authors, bloggers and reviewers, as well as crime festivals and organisations.


@milorambles – Work, read, train, live hard & review. Thoughts are my own not dear old Aunty’s
@crimesquadcom – Editor of, a crime fiction review website.
@crimeficreader – Books, mainly crime fiction; lit fests; publishing, author & book news.
@keithbwalters – Writing, reading and watching (mainly crime and horror)


Crime Festivals and Organisations
@CrimeFest – International Crime Fiction Convention, soon in its sixth year (Bristol, UK)
@TheakstonsCrime – Largest crime fiction festival in the world. Est 2003 (Harrogate, UK)
@BloodyScotland – Scotland’s First International Crime Festival. We’ll be back in 2013 – Stirling, September 13th-15th



See the full list of crime tweeps, including a list of our Crime Vault authors on Twitter, here.

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