Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir

Warren Murphy‘s books and stories have sold 50 million copies worldwide and won a dozen national awards. He has created a number of book series, including the Trace series and the long-running satiric adventure, The Destroyer.

Richard Ben Sapir worked as an editor and in public relations before creating the Destroyer series with Warren Murphy. Before his untimely death in 1987, Sapir penned a number of thriller and historical mainstream novels.

Titles by this author:

Ordered by date published (Old > New)

Death Check

Chinese Puzzle

Mafia Fix

Dr. Quake

Death Therapy

Union Bust

Summit Chase

Terror Squad

Kill or Cure

Slave Safari

Acid Rock

Judgment Day

Murder Ward

Oil Slick

Last War Dance

Funny Money

Holy Terror

Assassin’s Play-Off

Deadly Seeds

Brain Drain

Child’s Play

King’s Curse

Sweet Dreams

In Enemy Hands

The Last Temple

Ship of Death

The Final Death

Mugger Blood

The Head Men

Killer Chromosomes

Voodoo Die

Chained Reaction

Last Call

Power Play

Bottom Line

Bay City Blast

Missing Link

Dangerous Games

Firing Line

Timber Line

Midnight Man

Balance of Power

Spoils of War

Next of Kin

Dying Space

Profit Motive

Skin Deep

Killing Time

Shock Value

Fool’s Gold

Time Trial

Last Drop

Master’s Challenge

Encounter Group

Date with Death

Total Recall

The Arms of Kali

The End of the Game

Lords of the Earth

The Seventh Stone

The Sky is Falling

The Last Alchemist

Lost Yesterday

Sue Me

Look Into My Eyes

An Old-Fashioned War

Blood Ties

The Eleventh Hour

Return Engagement

Sole Surviver

Line of Succession

Walking Wounded

Rain of Terror

The Final Crusade

Coin of the Realm

Blue Smoke and Mirrors

Shooting Schedule

Death Sentence

Hostile Takeover

Survival Course

Skull Duggery

Ground Zero

Blood Lust

Arabian Nightmare

Mob Psychology

The Ultimate Death

Dark Horse

The Last Dragon

Terminal Transmission

Feeding Frenzy

High Priestess

Infernal Revenue

Identity Crisis

Target of Opportunity

The Colour of Fear

Last Rites

Bidding War

Unite and Conquer

Engines of Destruction

Angry White Mailmen

Scorched Earth

White Water

Feast or Famine

Bamboo Dragon

American Obsession

Never Say Die

Prophet of Doom

Brain Storm

The Empire Dreams

Failing Marks

Misfortune Teller

The Final Reel

Deadly Genes

Killer Watts

Fade To Black

The Last Monarch

A Pound of Prevention

Syndication Rites

Disloyal Opposition

By Eminent Domain

The Wrong Stuff

Air Raid

Market Force

The End of the Beginning

Father to Son

Waste Not, Want Not

Unnatural Selection

Wolf’s Bane

Troubled Waters

Bloody Tourists

Political Pressure

Unpopular Science

Industrial Evolution

No Contest

Dream Thing

Dark Ages

Frightening Strikes


Bad Dog

Holy Mother

Dragon Bones